First, this is for everyone.
Do NOT buy body weight scale from IKEA.
They fooled me twice. (One was in Taiwan, and the other was in U.S.)
The weight scale had 20 pounds error at the second time!!!!! 

Second, focus on value. Do not focus on price.
Price sometimes obscures true value.
However, true value will be reflect on the price finally. It takes time. 

What a severe experience. 
(I guess Vegafish must know what I am talking about. XDD) 

Third, it takes ten years to sharpen a sword. (十年磨一劍)
(1) It reflects the life of a Ph. D. From B.S., M. S., to Ph. D., it takes ten years.
(2) After cooking something for myself, I finally realize that why my mom cooks so well !!!
     Experience, experience, and experience!

Masaki told me to write it in English. So, I just tried it.XD
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